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Algo Training

Training on algorithmic trading solutions

In line with our vision to provide the latest in technology & training to retail traders and investors in the Indian financial markets, we are offering free training and education in algo- trading to our existing clients. Being one of the pioneers in offering algorithmic trading solutions to retail clients, the training will be extremely beneficial to traders with existing manual strategies who are looking to transform them into algorithmic ones, but are unable to get started for a number of reasons. The training can also be availed of by new clients who setup their trading / de-mat accounts with us.

Mentioned below are some of the features of the training cum education program, organized in association with Algoji

  • AFL Coding and API Integration
  • Paper Trading Setup (with limit orders, market orders and execution strategies)
  • Accredited Certification on completing the training successfully
  • Pro AFL Suite- Educational strategies to build your ground
  • Assistance in setting up Amibroker  

Profile of the trainer:

  • 10 years of systematic trading experience, CMT charter holder since 2010
  • Vast experience in Global Markets- Forex, Equities and Commodities
  • Expertise in Trading Strategies, Automation and Algorithmic Trading
  • Deployed diverse trading algorithms- from HFT, MFT to LFT
  • Hands on experience with the latest trading technologies in the Indian and Global Markets

If you’re interested in the training and are looking for more information get in touch with us

Phone: +91- 9886040539


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