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API Bridge

Launching APIBridge by CompositeEdge

What is APIBridge?


APIBridge is the ultimate tool for system trading. Whether you are a discretionary trader, or you use custom strategy in a platform like Amibroker or MT4, you can do system trading via APIBridge.

It is India’s ONLY platform which connects with multiple external strategy tools for system trading.

Here’s a simple diagram to explain how the front-end platforms interact with the APIBridge.


Why did we launch API Bridge


CompositEdge is known as leader in algo and automated trading products. We have launched multiple platforms such as Presto, Blitz and ProTrader.

However, APIBridge takes our product suite to new level. Using APIBridge, you can do algo trading with Amibroker, MT4, TradingView, Excel VBA, NinjaTrader, Python, Java etc. APIBridge is a single product to deploy algos from anyone.

Example: You are Amibroker user since last 3 years. You want to run algo from Renko charts and find TradingView provides very good Renko Strategy, which is not available in Amibroker. If you are using APIBridge, you can switch easily from Amibroker to TradingView for automated trading.


Who is it useful for?


APIBridge facilitates the Algo Trading in the most simplistic way as you can send trade alerts to OMS with smooth order execution without any delay. The platform like Amibroker or Tradingview unlocks the power of Programmatic or Algo Trading since you can code your algorithm/strategies using AFL (Amibroker Formula Language) in Amibroker or Pine script in Tradingview. Also, you can deploy your conditional Algo straightway through any of the platforms for signal generation. Traders who want to shift their discretionary trade setup, they can deploy their strategies easily in Amibroker or Tradingview. Moreover, in Tradingview you can generate trade alerts on the basis of the indicators or oscillators values by providing certain conditions. For instance, If you follow a simple RSI indicator on SBIN symbol, then deploy your own strategy like when RSI value is greater than 28 generate a long entry signal, whenever the said condition meets “Buy” alert will pop-up and send to API Bridge to execute. In the bridge, you can define a few parameters under the Symbol settings like order type, product type, target and stop-loss etc. Also, you can use  APIBridge to manage your risk in terms of max order per minute, max trades per day or daily max loss i.e. it allows you to manage risk both at a strategy level and global (account) level. Another significant advantage of integrating APIBridge is you can trade “ABC” symbol via alerts generated by the “XYZ” symbol, which is very useful when you trade in Index option and you are away or difficult to keep an eye on it.


Can I deploy Algos Without Coding?


Absolutely Yes! As given in example above – you can set alerts in TradingView for any conditions – trendline breaks, candlestick patterns, indicators or advanced strategies from public library. Then simply use APIBridge to deploy your algos.

You can find APIBridge tutorials in both Hindi and English. For tutorials and documentation, refer


Here's a snapshot of the APIBridge dashboard

APIBridge Features


Using Tradingview’s extremely simple web charting, you can deploy simple algos based on indicators such as SuperTrend, RSI, or trendlines; you can also deploy sophisticated algos such as straddle, strangle or butterfly. Following are the exclusive features of the APIBridge –

  • Zero Programming Efforts for Algo Trading with TradingView
  • Order Management
  • Trade Management
  • Risk Management (Trade and Account level)
  • Strategy Management
  • Paper Trading Mode for testing
  • Auto square-off
  • App and API logs
  • Order Notifications on Email



With the aim of reducing the cost of technology for retail traders, we have decided to provide the APIbridge at a negligible price which can be easily sustained in the long-run. You can check out our pricing and subscribe to the platform here. We’re going to announce some exciting offers soon to further reduce the cost of using the API bridge. Stay tuned!–


How to Get Started:

  1. Request access to CompositEdge Trading API.
  2. Subscribe to the APIBridge here.
  3. Download, Install and Configure using tutorials here
  4. Integrate your chosen platform and run your trading strategies!

Happy Trading!