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New MarginGuidelines

Recently, SEBI published a new circular on margins. SEBI announced stringent margin norms for traders.

Compositedge – Trading Platforms offered

We at Compositedge ensure Trading & Investing is made simple, as we understand, a user friendly and robust trading platform are key to a client’s trading experience.

Visual monitoring of your day trading activities in real-time

Our trading platform assists traders visually manage their account performance and trading stats

Compositedge E-learning: Key testing parameters before implementing automated trading strategies

The retail automated trading space is growing at a tremendous pace in India after market regulator SEBI permitted retail investors to have a go in April 2008.

Compositedge E-learning: Supports and Resistances

If you’re new to technical analysis, the key to predicting future price movements is to analyse chart patterns and price trends, which largely assist you in defining entries

Compositedge E-learning- Option Greeks

Every tradable asset class has a certain degree of risk associated with it, even the likes of sovereign securities which most of us perceive to be completely risk-free.

Compositedge E-learning- Condor and Reverse Iron Condor

The Iron Condor is a market neutral strategy which comprises of a combination of OUT OF THE MONEY bull put spread and a bear call spread

Compositedge E-learning- Butterfly spreads

Butterfly spread strategies are a combination of a bull and bear spread, effectively making it a low-cost neutral strategy.