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Compositedge E-learning- Condor and Reverse Iron Condor

The Iron Condor is a market neutral strategy which comprises of a combination of OUT OF THE MONEY bull put spread and a bear call spread with all the options having the same expiration date. Being a low risk credit spread strategy, it is designed to generate profits in low-volatile, non-directional markets. However, this does not mean that you time your entries when the volatility is low, on the contrary, Iron Condor strategies should be executed when the volatility in the underlying security begins to drop after a period of high volatility.

Compositedge E-learning- Butterfly spreads

Butterfly spread strategies are a combination of a bull and bear spread, effectively making it a low-cost neutral strategy. The strategy typically comprises of a combination of three strike prices using a combination of either calls or puts having the same expiry with limited risk and profit potential. Butterfly spreads are categorized into two types

Long butterfly-Generally used if you’re anticipating prices of the underlying to remain in a narrow range until the expiry of the contract.

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Compositedge E-learning- Renko charts

The Renko chart is a kind of aggregation chart developed by the Japanese using price movements while ignoring time and volume. Renko is taken from the Japanese word “Renga” meaning bricks which is typically represented in the way the chart looks. There may be a few features in the chart type which are very similar to some of the other aggregation chart types like the Point and Figure and Heikin-Ashi, however, a deeper understanding points to quite a few differences.

Compositedge E-learning- Heikin-Ashi charts

If you’re familiar with candlestick charting, at the outlook you may find Heikin-Ashi charts visually indistinguishable from candlestick charts. That’s because they’re an offshoot of the Japanese charts with a few modifications resulting in noise filtration in the latter, thereby assisting in capturing the trend of a security in a much more robust fashion and giving them a smoother look. The basic setup of the two charts such as up-down bars, time frames, colouring method etc. are very similar, however, there are a few differences in the way the two charts are plotted and analysed.

Compositedge E-learning- Point & Figure charts

A key aggregation chart for your day today trading activities…


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Compositedge E-learning- Options Strategies

Protect your downside risk by implementing bull- bear vertical spreads


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Compositedge E-learning

Using Straddles & Strangles to profit from market uncertainties



Straddles and Strangles are option strategies that allow investors to profit from significant moves in the underlying, irrespective of the direction. The strategies are generally used when traders notice or perceive that the options premium/s are mispriced due to a future event and may not represent the actual outcome of the underlying.
A quick understanding of the concept, risks and how they are different from the other.