Investors coding algo strategies in India to get a big fillip

Automated trading by retail investors in India has reached dizzying heights in a very short span of time with a number of information technology firms setting up hi- tech infrastructure to assist traders in developing the anatomy of algo- trading right from

  • Idea Conception
  • Strategy Development
  • Execution Strategy
  • Back-Testing
  • Paper Trading
  • Live Deployment
  • Strategy Optimisation
  • Strategy Scaling

Source: Compositedge- Protrader terminal


We at Compositedge, a leading discount broker and provider of algo trading solutions for retail investors in India have taken a giant leap by launching one of the world’s renowned trading platform; Protrader. In addition to a number of innovations to the existing features of the traditional trading platforms currently in the country, algo traders in the Indian financial markets can also access Algo Studio; a one of a kind algo platform with the capability to create indicators, strategies and scripts effortlessly. Algo Studio supports C# programming and has the capability to import data from diverse, third party softwares with the ability to edit, backtest and optimize data using multiple chart types. Some of the key features of AlgoStudio include


  • Ability to create indicators, strategies (Expert advisors) and scripts (Macros).
  • Support C# (.NET platform) programming language.
  • Capability to back- test historical data.
  • Back-test multiple symbols simultaneously.
  • Permits back-testing of multiple time intervals.
  • Facility to back-test all chart types available on the trading platform such as Renko, 3 Line break, Kagi, Price range, etc.
  • Strategy testing in ticks, minutes or daily data.
  • Possibility to test strategies at Bid, Ask, LTP.
  • Two strategy testing modes: With visualization/ without visualization
  • Two emulation types: Position/ Multiple positions.
  • Capability to use functions that provide access to Level II.
  • Strategy optimization tool.
  • Plain text and graphic reports.
  • Editor with IntelliSense support.
  • Online dictionary with a list of functions.
  • Debugger.
  • Tool to import & export parameters of testing strategies.


Strategy optimization using Algo Studio


Source: Compositedge- Protrader terminal


By combining discount broking with algo trading, we are offering retail investors unprecedented features to backtest, optimize and visually walk forward strategies based on multiple time frames and scrips in a live market environment. Users can also debug source codes, add comments, make use of the online dictionary to build indicators, expert advisors and code scripts.
With the equities markets booming, the market size has also grown substantially, driving a number of regular brokers to join the algo trading bandwagon. However, Compositedge is and will continue to be a leading innovator in the area of retail algo trading.