Multi-level order types to cater to diverse traders

A quick look at order types and placements on the Protrader platform


The launch of our cutting-edge trading platform, Protrader, is a major breakthrough for retail investors and traders in the Indian financial markets. In addition to a number of firsts; charting, manual scalping, time and sales, market-depth and ready to analyse and implement options strategies, Protrader packs a punch by combining manual order placements with a fully automated trading platform, all for the first time in the country’s retail trading history.
Coming to order placements, traders using the platform can directly place trades from most of the panels in addition to using the shortcut keys or by simply activating mouse trading.
Users entering trades from the watch list or the market watch panel can place order entries by simply double-clicking the scrip while chartists can place order entries by either choosing the order placement keys on the right of the panel or by switching to mouse trading. Likewise, traders using the market-depth, matrix and the scalper panels have similar order entry options.

Source: Compositedge- Protrader terminal

Multiple order types-
Protrader allows multiple order types depending on the panel from which orders are placed.
The watchlist panel for example features market, limit, stop and stop limit orders, with user-defined stop losses and profit targets, which can also be used by traders as cover orders with the choice to modify the stops or use them as OCO orders.
Likewise, the chart panel permits manual order placements based on the best bid/ ask or market orders in addition to mouse trading with user-defined stop losses and profit targets.

The hi-fi manual scalping panel comprises of market and limit orders and permits three levels of entries with the option to increase/ decrease order quantity with every additional entry. The panel also supports user-defined stop losses, trailing stops and profit targets, which can be programmed to close out existing trades automatically.

The platform, launched in April is currently offered to all our customers FREE OF COST and is open for in the paper trading and real-time mode. As a leading stock broker in India, we intend to offer Protrader with all the features including the algo trading platform at zero percent brokerage charges. Listed among the top discount brokers in India, all our clients using the Protrader platform will be charged at the rate of ₹15 per transaction.

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Compositedge, incorporated in 1996, is a leading discount broker in India and a provider of algo trading solutions for retail customers. Headquartered in Bangalore, we provide the internationally acclaimed Protrader platform, which comprises of charts, scalper, matrix, grid, time & sales, market-depth and options master in addition to the state of the art algo trading platform. We combine discount broking and algo trading solutions to ensure all our retail clients experience the finest trading amenities at affordable costs.