Protrader charting with the ease of one- click trading

Technical analysts can perform real- time chart analysis with speedy order execution


Chart analysis is the life-line for technical analysts who undertake comprehensive analysis of the markets before arriving at a trading strategy. While analysts in developed markets have a wide range of high-tech platforms to boost their analysis and implement orders quickly, traders in the Indian financial markets generally depend on quality third-party charting software’s for analysis. Since quick execution of orders is extremely important to day- traders, a large number of them were left with no other alternative but to risk their capital in the absence of a superior charting software which could be clubbed to the trading platform for speedy order management.

With the launch of Protrader, Compositedge unleashes the dreams of thousands of retail technical analysts in the country. Protrader charts not only puts together historical data for analysis and a large number of technical indicators, but also enables day traders and scalpers to quickly place multiple order types at the click of button.

Source: Compositedge- Protrader platform

Highlighted below at some of the other key features of the charting panel

  • Add symbols directly to the chart panel or link watch-list to the chart window.
  • Quick zoom-in, zoom- out of charts.
  • Multiple chart types with the option to customize time- frames.
  • Merging watch list to the chart panel to quickly access scrips.
  • One-click mouse trading with pre-defined OCO orders.
  • Order panel for placing manual orders within the panel.
  • Add, modify and cancel orders directly from the panel.
  • A wide range of data aggregation charts like P&F, Cluster, Heikin-Ashi, Renko, Kagi and so on.
  • Overlay multiple charts to analyse pair trading, monitor sector performance etc.
  • More than fifty in- built indicators with the option to import custom studies.
  • Analysis tools such as price and bar statistics, volume profile, time and sales and VWAP.


In addition to the largely unmatched features available to analysts and traders in the Indian financial markets, the “Grid” panel located under the “Terminal menu” takes technical analysis to new horizons by displaying up-to 30 charts which can broadly be categorized into multiple scrips and time frames, placed side by side and accessible from a single window. Since technical analysts are highly reliant on historical data for their analysis, we have included large amounts of back-data to ensure accurate and speedy analysis of the markets.
With its sleek capabilities and agile features coupled with discount broking, Compositedge is charting a new path for retail technical analysts in the Indian financial markets.

Source: Compositedge- Protrader platform



Compositedge is a leading discount broker and provider of algo trading solutions for retail customers in India for the last 22 years. Headquartered in Bangalore, we provide the internationally acclaimed Protrader platform, which comprises of charts, scalper, matrix, grid, market-depth and options master in addition to a ready to implement algo platform. We combine discount broking and algo trading solutions to ensure all our retail clients experience the finest trading amenities at affordable costs.