Scalping using Protrader

The scalper panel is an efficient tool for high- speed manual traders in India. Protrader, a multi- asset platform has a number of advanced in-built features which are absolutely astounding and fairly novel to retail traders in the Indian financial markets. The system, operational since 2003 Internationally has market participants comprising of banks, retail and prime brokers across the globe using its cutting edge technology to trade in multiple financial markets and asset classes.
Propelled by Compositedge in India, the retail trading platform is a class apart from most of the existing ones currently operational in the Indian financial markets.
Coming to one of the key features of Protrader; SCALPING, is a combination of market depth and pulse scalping. The panel which can be docked, locked or detached from the workspace blends time and sales, market- depth, impulse and overlay indicators and can be effectively used by retail traders for high- speed manual trading.

Some of the significant parameters of the scalper panel include

  • Setting position limits
  • Activating three levels of order quantities
  • User- defined stop losses, trailing stops and profit targets.
  • Automatic addition of stops and profit targets on opening of positions.
  • Entries based on limit and market orders along with the max slippage (offset) values.
  • Prices displayed with bid- ask spreads and corresponding volumes.
  • Histogram indicating volumes of pending trades.
  • Tracking dynamics of large trades.
  • Monitoring linked assets using overlay indicator.
  • Analysing intermarket scrips using impulse indicator.


Source: Compositedge- Protrader terminal


Since time management is of essence in high- speed trading, users can pre- set standard order types, position limits, stops, trailing stops and profit targets to automatically execute trades without human intervention. In addition, trades on the scalper panel can be carried out by either using the one- click or the hot- buttons option to ensure trading efficiency.
All in all, the scalping panel is an exceptionally new and effective concept for retail traders in the Indian markets. With a whole range of assembled features available to individual traders at absolutely no cost, scalpers will indisputably find the platform immensely useful to carry out trading at lightening- speed.