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Manual scalping for traders in the Indian financial markets

Retail traders can effectively use the Protrader tool for quick manual scalping


Protrader charting with the ease of one- click trading

Technical analysts can perform real- time chart analysis with speedy order execution


Nifty likely to swing in the 9800- 10700 range

Analyse option strategies on Protrader with the added benefit of discount broking


Retail Algo trading in India has a new entrant

The C#. NET program used to power Protrader is already creating a buzz


Options strategies for bearish markets

Protrader permits speedy analysis of options strategies before implementation


Analyse options strategies on Protrader

The platform provides unmatched features for retail traders in the Indian financial markets


Scalping using Protrader

The scalper panel is an efficient tool for high- speed manual traders in India.

Investors coding algo strategies in India to get a big fillip

Automated trading by retail investors in India has reached dizzying heights in a very short span of time with a number of information technology firms setting up hi- tech in