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The accounts panel shows all account related information such as balances, available funds, margins, warnings, P/L, positions,
trading status and a whole load of useful information that can be applied by users.

To open a new Accounts panel, go to Account >> Account details OR click on this icon from the toolbar ribbon. The following
panel will open up with detailed info on everything a user needs to know about the account



Account Performance

Account performance panel is a very useful and informative tool for traders. This panel contains information related to trading statistics,
P/L charts, data about trade population and drawdowns. Statistics can be shown for different accounts and time periods from 1- day to
1- year by selecting the top section of the Performance panel. It is also possible to set a custom range to display statistics.

Account performance panel allows users to export all statistics and charts to HTML as a report. To use this option, click on the
Export to HTML' button located on the top right corner of the panel.



The ‘Account Performance’ panel is divided into three tabs:

  • Cumulative P/L
  • Trades population
  • Drawdowns

Cumulative P/L-

Here, users can view all information related to the trading results and their capital.

Users can either consider the P/L in totality (Total) or view it separately based on the operation side (Buy/ Sell). Also, the P/L chart section
allows users to view changes in the balance and P/L graphically. By default, all the tabs are set to 'Total' and volume bars are plotted on
the chart regardless of the selected horizontal scale type (Operations, Trades & Fees, Days, etc.). Volume is displayed in lots.

Cumulative P/L chart in the Operations mode displays how a user’s balance changes depending on the trade operations performed within
the selected period.



By selecting ‘Trades & Fees,’ the Cumulative P/L chart in the Trades & Fees mode displays the change in the user’s Net P/L
for a selected period



The horizontal scale also allows users to plot P/L charts based on hours/days/months by choosing the time frame in the main
panel window. If the P/L selection is in 'hours/days/months,’ then all operations will be aggregated correspondingly.



Cumulative P/L tab: Aggregated mode

Aggregated P/L charts display gross and net P/L for selected 'aggregation' interval. In order to enable the aggregated mode, click
on the 'Aggregate' button. If the ‘Aggregate’ mode is chosen, the default option is selected as 'hours.'

Aggregation interval – Allows aggregating P/L charts based on the selected periods such as hours/days/months.



Trades Population-

Trades population tab represents a combination of two informative sections: winning/losing trades and trades population by symbol.



The winning/losing trades section displays data corresponding to total number of trades for a selected period. However, this information
can be viewed separately for Buy and Sell trades. Each tab comprises of the following-

Loss – shows total loss from all losing trades for a selected period.
Win – shows total profit from all winning trades for a selected period.
Trades – displays total number of trades for a selected period, the number of winning/ losing trades and the profit- loss percentage.
Average – displays av. P/L for each trade and the av. loss/win for losing/winning trades correspondingly.
Max consecutive – shows the longest series of wins/losses, total number of trades and their absolute value.
Largest – displays the largest profit for a single trade for a selected period.

Trades population consists of two charts:

  • Pie chart- Illustrates completed trades for individual symbol’s and their values in % of total trades.
  • Profitable chart for the selected symbol from the pie chart.

When a user clicks on a particular section of the pie chart, the corresponding line in the symbol list is highlighted and the profitable
chart for the selected symbol is displayed. In addition, when a user clicks on any of the symbols, the corresponding sector of the
pie chart and the profitable chart are displayed.

Profitable chart displays Cumulative P/L and trade volumes for the selected symbol for a specified period.




The last tab of the Account performance panel are the ‘Drawdowns’ chart. It shows the graphical distribution of drawdowns constructed
for each trade. Trade volumes shown in lots are also displayed on the chart.

In addition to the chart, the tab displays three indicators:

  • Maximal drawdown – Highest difference between one of local upper extremums of the balance chart and the following
    lower extremums.
  • Absolute drawdown –Difference between the current capital and current local upper extremum.
  • Average drawdown – Arithmetic average of all drawdowns over a given time frame.



Note: Clients are advised that graphs for Account Performance, Trades Population and Drawdowns are valid only for the current trading session.