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Symphony Presto-

Symphony Presto, a product of Symphony Fintech, is specifically designed for the trading community, comprising of small traders to sophisticated Hedge Funds
Presto is a comprehensive platform designed to implement fully automated trading algos using asset classes available on the Indian Exchanges; MCX, NSE and BSE. Presto can be connected to any exchange in the world, which follows FIX Protocol

- Trade on multiple Exchanges
- Run several strategies simultaneously
- Develop high end strategies
- Connect with Various Data Feed Providers
- Trade with multiple assets
- Approved by all the major exchanges in India

Products from the Presto suite-

1) Presto Smart-Executor-

Presto-Smart Executor (PSE) is a single- client execution strategy based on Limit Order modification

- PSE will first place a Limit Order when it receives a signal
- On non- execution, the Limit Order will be eventually modified to a fixed number of ticks/ time interval; pre- defined by the user
- In the eventuality of the modified order not being traded within a pre- defined number of attempts, the PSE will either replace the order to Market or Cancel
- PSE can be used for both Intraday & Positional trades
- PSE also has the capability to accept triggers from third-party applications like Amibroker, MS- Excel and custom built decision making soft wares

2) Presto JobEx-

Presto JobEx is a multi- client execution strategy based on highly intelligent entry- exit parameters

- Pre- defined parameters such as target orders, stop-loss orders, trailing stop etc.
- Allows users to pre- determine entry quantities and profit targets, thereby slicing both entry and exit orders automatically
- Users can effectively manage their trades for multiple client accounts based on a single entry trigger
- Users can also define maximum client-wise limit on losses for every symbol
- The system also has the capability to accept triggers from third-party applications like Amibroker, MT4, MS- Excel and custom soft wares
- The parameters can be set for both intraday & positional trades

3) Presto Smart Jobbing Strategy-

Presto Smart Jobbing is an Alpha Seeking Strategy designed to meet the need of jobbers tracking a large basket of trading symbols

- Create an input file of the scrips in the watch- list
- The strategy will then filter scrips with Open=Low or Open=High & will look for candle breakout entries in those scrip’s as per the parameters set in input file
- Place targets & stop-losses at pre-defined levels
- On confirmation of the entry order, a csv file with different target levels & their respective stops is generated by the strategy on the server
- Set symbol-wise position sizing based on stop-loss values for effective risk management.
- Pre- define 6 different profit- target levels and trailing stops
- At end- time, the system will square-off all open trades & cancel all pending orders

4) Presto Smart Call Executor-

Presto Smart Call Executor is an execution strategy developed for traders who subscribe to signal providers for Buy/Sell decisions or generate signals through analytics.
All that the users have to do is provide trigger levels such as entry price, entry quantity, profit & stop-loss levels in a CSV or txt file for the signals to be executed automatically

- The strategy will read the file & execute the signals as per the entries in the input file
- Users can add new, modify & edit signals any time in the input file
- The strategy will read the file at fixed intervals & look for modifications for further execution
- On completion of the entry order, the strategy places the profits & stop-loss levels for those symbols
- Can be executed for both intraday & positional trades

5) Presto Bracket Order-

Presto Bracket Order is a single- client execution strategy. It is designed for traders who punch orders manually. This strategy helps users to intelligently execute entries & exits

- Press F11 or F12 button to Enter Buy or Sell order respectively
- Define profit targets & stop- loss levels either in absolute or percentage terms
- Can be used only for intra-day strategies

6) Presto OTC-

Presto OTC is an execution strategy designed for traders who trade in bulk orders. The strategy is designed for manual traders to achieve a better average price from a defined price range rather than the limit price as defined by the user

- The system tracks prices in real- time and slices the entry order, thereby averaging the overall entry price
- It also allows you to add a volume filter based on total traded quantity resulting in lower slippages for traders who punch in large orders
- This is a single- client strategy; mostly for HNI’s or volume traders

7) Presto Fuse AB - An AMI Broker based trading system

Presto Fuse- AB is an Ami Broker based trading system for Technical Analysts. Strategies are coded in the AmiBroker charting application to generate buy and sell triggers

- Triggers from AmiBroker are passed to Presto using the Presto Fuse AB Plug-in (AMI-Presto bridge) where they are being shown and executed
- The triggers can be used either for a single account or multi- account trading
- The triggers can be passed either directly to the Presto-OMS or via an Execution Strategy (such as Presto JobEx)
- Advance features to send quantity, trailing stops and various other parameters from AMI Broker to Presto are made available

8) Presto Fuse XL - An Excel based trading system

Presto Fuse XL is an API based trading system designed for traders who work on MS Excel for developing- their strategies using Macros.

- This strategy creates an alert within MS Excel based on internal logic developed using Macros
- The triggers are then passed to Presto using Presto Fuse-XL (MS Excel-Presto bridge) where they are executed
- Data Feed and Execution Report APIs are available to develop complete Front-End unique interface
- The system can be used either for a single account or multi- account trading
- The triggers can also be passed either directly to the Presto OMS or via an Execution Strategy (such as the Presto JobEx) to add additional rules/ filters

9) Presto Smart Pivot Strategy-

Presto Pivot is a multi- client execution strategy developed for researchers/traders who trade using Pivot points. Pivot levels are calculated using the previous day's Open-High-Low-Close

- Trader will provide the Support & Resistance levels in a CSV or txt file & the strategy will accordingly execute the signals automatically
- Entry will be initiated if the Market takes the defined Support (or Resistance) and breaches Long/ Short entry values
- Once the Entry is confirmed, the system will automatically place Target orders;slicing 50% of the quantity along with a Stop-Loss order
- Once the target is reached, the stop losses will be automatically cancelled and vice-versa
- The strategy is developed ONLY for intra- day traders; all positions will be closed out at the end of the strategy time

10) Presto Smart Pair Strategy-

Presto Pair Trading is an Alpha Seeking Strategy designed for traders who trade in virtually any Market conditions: Uptrend, downtrend or sideways movement. The strategy is based on monitoring and comparing the performance of two historically correlated symbols. When the correlation between two securities is temporarily distorted due to change in demand, the price of one security rises while the other slides & the strategy involves shorting the outperforming security and going long on the under-performing security
To get started,
● Select the two correlated symbols on which to pair trade
● Choose the price difference between these two symbols

- This is a 2- leg intra-day strategy designed for both the F&O and Cash markets
- Strategy will compare the spread and place the corresponding order when an opportunity arises
- The strategy could also comprise of multiple entry and exits based on Market movements

11) Presto Smart Trading Strategy-

PrestoSmartTrading is an intra- day execution strategy for both the F&O and CM's based on the best bid. This strategy is designed for traders who look to execute only a single leg trade at the best possible price, which is practically impossible with Manual Trading
To use the Presto SmartTrade Strategy, select the Symbol on which to bid along with Buy/Sell

- PST selects the Best Bid/Ask price depending upon the type of order that is being placed
- Depending on the trader's stance, the strategy features to either bid in an Aggressive or Non-Aggressive Mode

12) PrestoSmartSwing Strategy-

PrestoSmartSwing is developed using the high low break out strategy & features Swing trades. The intra- day strategy is designed for the F&O segment specifically for in the market traders

- The strategy initiates trades (Buy/Sell) on the breakout of either the highs or the lows within a pre-defined time frame
- On confirmation of the entry, Stop & Reverse Orders (SAR) are automatically placed
- Trading continues until the end of trading hours

Why Symphony?

Symphony provides the only official way to automated trading, which is fully Exchange compliant.
In additional to functional APIs which reduce strategy development time with the lowest latency execution, Symphony has a load of other features which make it a very attractive algo- trading preposition


For Amibroker/ MT4 users-
- Symphony's Amibroker/ MT4 integration is a complete fully automated trading solution
- Easy to configure and use
- Complete trigger execution facility with user defined rules-
- State of the art trading facility for single and multi- account users
- Apart from Buy/Sell triggers, users can also send static & dynamic quantities, target orders, SL orders, SL trailing orders and any other candlestick based information which users want to pass on to their execution strategy provided in the Presto engine
- Can be easily used by entry level and advance Ami-Broker users
- Data Feed from any Data Vendor

Gateway API’s-
- Easy to use APIs, can be programmed by Junior Programmers
- Complete end to end support from Symphony
- Complete Development environment
- APIs available for MS-Excel, Python, XML, dotNet, JAVA and HTML based strategies.

Presto APIs are available in two flavors:
1. Presto strategy APIs-
Users can develop their own custom strategy based on proprietary logics
2. Presto gateway APIs-
Users can integrate their Black Box strategies with Presto Order Management System

Slicing Algos - TWAP/VWAP
- Symphony has pre-packaged Presto OTC; an intelligent slicing strategy

Retail Algos - Bracket Order
- Advanced Bracket Order strategy with multiple execution scenarios for smoother trading experience