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What is the process to set- up my Algo platform

Follow the illustration below to start trading your algos


Which charting softwares does Symphony Presto support?

Symphony Presto supports the following charting softwares for algo trading

What are the costs involved in setting up an algo trading account?

Algo trading costs comprise of
1) Third party software costs; such as Amibroker, MT4, Traders Cockpit etc- One time/ monthly cost
2) Coding costs- One time cost
3) Brokerage costs- payable monthly; mentioned below
4) Trading platform- payable monthly/ quarterly/ annually; more info in our "Current Offers" section
5) Hosting on our server- Rs. 1000/ month

What is paper trading?

Paper trading, also called simulated or virtual trading is a method of buying and selling securities without actual money being involved. Paper trading usually involves the use of a stock market simulator or a virtual exchange that has the look and feel of an actual stock market, where potential investors can sharpen their trading skills without risk.
Paper trading is normally conducted with investment decisions based on actual risk-return objectives and investment ideas, which are similar to the ones as in real-time trading
The Symphony Presto Platform supports Paper Trading and those of you interested in honing your skills before hitting the live- markets, can sign- up.
To know more about paper trading using the Symphony platform, take a look at the video HERE

What are the brokerage charges and margin requirements for algo- trading?

Brokerage charges:
Cash & futures- Rs. 600 per crore (0.006%)
Options- Rs. 10/ lot

Additional charges:
- Transaction charges
- Securities Transaction Tax (STT)
- Service Tax (including education and higher education cess)
- Stamp Duty (State-wise stamp duty as applicable)

Margin Requirements:
- As fixed by SEBI/ Exchanges

What are the subscription fees to use the Symphony Presto Platform?

Symphony offers multiple trading platforms and the costs can be viewed HERE
Kindly Note: Subscription charges are likely to be revised from time to time