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One of the overwhelming features of Protrader is the ability to add and analyse multiple charts, market depth, scalper and time
& sales panels correspondingly from a single window. The Grid panel allows users to open a set of the same panel with a single
click and move this set to another tab as a separate panel.

To open the Grid panel, Go to Terminal > Grid OR click on this icon in the toolbar ribbon




Users can add a maximum of 25- scrips to the Grid panel and can customize the panel to analyse identical scrips with different time
frames or multiple scrips by simply linking/ delinking the grid panel from the watchlist panel. To make a selection, go to the dropdown
on the top left corner of the grid panel and choose from the available grid options.



Double click on the header of the enclosed cell in order to maximize it to the size of Grid panel or use the button. Likewise,
to collapse cell to the normal size, use the button or just double click again on the header of the enclosed cell.



Depending on the panel selection, users can also place orders directly by activating one- click mouse trading, chart or hotkeys button/s.





The Grid panel toolbar comprises of three controls:

  • Grid editor – this button is located on the top left corner of the ribbon. It enables to specify the number of panels and
    the type of panel.
  • Symbol lookup – enables users to load the required instruments onto the grid.
  • Reset – this button resets the panel to its default size.

All panels in the Grid can be resized by the user by moving the mouse cursor on the panel’s joint. To move the Grid panel to
another monitor, select the "Detach button" located on the top right corner near the button.