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Matrix trading


Matrix trading is a simple way to analyse and trade from the bid/ ask quotes directly. The panel's active field is fairly similar to the
Market depth ladder, but orders can be placed by simply clicking the cells in the Buy/Sell column or by using the mouse
to execute one click trading.

To open the Matrix panel, Go to Terminal > Matrix OR Click on this icon in the toolbar ribbon



Adding symbols-

Once you open the matrix window, you can add symbols to the matrix panel in either of the following ways

  • Go to the SELECT SYMBOL window at the top left corner of the matrix panel and manually select the symbol by typing the
    first few characters of the scrip.



  • Link the matrix panel to the watch- list and click on the scrip in the watch-list window to automatically link it to the matrix panel.


Link WATCHLIST to the MATRIX panel-

You can merge your watch list and matrix panels by selecting the SYMBOL LINK on the top right corner of the individual panel
correspondingly. While merging the watch list with the matrix panel, please ensure that the colour highlighted in the SYMBOL
LINK are similar in both the panels. Once the watch list panel is merged with the matrix panel, the user can view the market
depth of a particular scrip by simply clicking the scrip in the watch-list window



Key features of the Matrix Panel:

  1. Lists the menu of all the scrips.
  2. Auto- centres prices based on volumes.
  3. Order settings based on predefined parameters.
  4. Order placement.
  5. Use these buttons to close positions, reverse trades and cancel pending orders.



Defining parameters-

Before you start trading, set your trading parametersby clicking on the top right corner of the matrix panel. Alternatively, customise
settings by right clicking anywhere in the matrix panel and select SETTINGS. Once changes are made to the trading and market- depth
settings, click ‘APPLY.’ To save the layout of the matrix panel, click on SAVE LAYOUT on the left bottom of the SETTINGS window.



Matrix trading has the following pre- defined parameters

  • Quantity- Number of scrips/ lots
  • Product type- Intra- day/ Delivery
  • Order type- Day/ IOC
  • SL/ TP- Stop loss/ target price

Once the parameters are set, all trades from the panel will be carried out based on the pre- set parameters. However, if you change
the scrip in the matrix window, the parameters will re- set and you will have to re- define the parameters for the new scrip.

You can also create additional Matrix panels by clicking on the MATRIX icon in the toolbar ribbon.

For efficient risk management, all entries in the matrix panel come with active stop losses and profit targets which are
defined in tick- size (min. tick size= 0.05).

To pre- define stop losses and/or profit targets, all you have to do is activate SL/ TP by clicking on the button.

Ex: If you are going long on Zee Entertainment at ₹525 and wish to place stops at ₹524, all you have to do is enter
20 in the SL parameter.

Likewise, if you want to exit Zee Entertainment at ₹530, enter 100 in the TP parameter.



Mouse trading-

One- click mouse trading permits traders to place buy/ sell orders at any price from the matrix panel. All you have to do is select a price and click.

To begin mouse trading, follow the steps mentioned below

  • Activate mouse trading by clicking the MOUSE ICON at the top right of the panel.
  • Select your trading parameters from the right of the panel.
  • Start trading

Note: Traders using mouse trading should be extremely cautious as double- clicking the mouse in the matrix panel multiplies trades.
Also, if the mouse trading button is activated and a user clicks in the matrix panel, even by mistake, a fresh trade will be generated.



Matrix Hotkeys:

View the list of hotkeys for the ‘Matrix panel’ from general setting=>>Hotkeys=>> Matrix