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NOW trading terminal- Addl features

Display Heat Map-

It displays the map based on the percentage change of securities present in the market watch profile in ascending or descending order.
To view the heat map, right- click the market watch profile and select DISPLAY HEATMAP



Set Security Alerts-

Set index wise as well as security wise alerts in value terms for selective fields like last traded price, volume, last traded quantity and so on and receive alerts through e-mail, SMS or pop-up
Right- click on the Marketwatch Profile to set Security alerts



Write to Excel-

The security in the market profile can be exported to an excel sheet in either of the following ways.
• As excel work sheet
• As data file
• As normal text file

Top N

It shows the Top 10 securities on the basis of pre-defined parameters such as category and basket. To view the top N securities, go to the Market menu, followed by Top N. Alternatively, you can also use the CTRL+SHIFT+T keys

Features of TOP N-
Select the filter criteria from the ‘Category’ dropdown from the following
• Trade Volume
• Trade Value
• Open Interest Volume
• Open Interest Value
• Percentage change from the previous close
• Select the basket from dropdown:
• NSE open market
• NCDEX FO open market
View the list of top and bottom 10 securities by category as well as a basket of securities and click on Get Values



Hourly Statistics-

To view hourly statistics, go to Market - Hourly Statistics
View hourly statistics of a particular security or contract throughout trading hours based on the following parameters:
• V-wap value
• Open rate
• Close rate
• High rate
• Low rate
• Start time
• End time
• Differential volume
• Cumulative volume


Basket orders-

Basket Orders enable users to execute batch or bulk orders quickly
A Normal basket order allows importing orders in a file to enable bulk orders for both buy and sell trades across exchanges. The file nomenclature & location is at the dealer’s discretion. The default file name appears as Basketorders.csv
To create a normal basket order, go to Orders and Trades - Basket Order - Normal Basket. On selecting Sell from ‘B/S’ dropdown, the order entry window turns red, while for a buy order entry, the window turns blue. Select the required parameters & click on Add to add that order in the basket. The order is displayed in the box. Place the order by ticking the check box shown alongside and click on ‘Place’ button.
A basket order can be saved using the ‘Export List’ either as a text file or csv. After placing a basket order, the ‘Place’ button turns grey. Click on the ‘Reset’ button to activate the ‘Place’ button



Spread Orders-

Invoking the spread order automatically picks up the same contract having two different expires. One leg of the order comprises of a buy side and the other a sell. In the case of a normal spread order, the user needs to specify the spread difference. Once that is done, click the submit button
The order is sent to the exchange and if the opportunity exists, the spread order will be executed, else cancelled
You can view the comprehensive Spread Order report placed on the exchange from Orders and Trades - Spread Order Report.
Alternatively, invoke F3 on the spread contract or spread order entry window to open the spread order report. Check Auto-Update Spread Orders to automatically update all spread orders placed. Filter an order based on order status i.e. complete or open.
Spread order report can be used to
• Modify spread orders
• Cancel a spread order
• Cancel all spread orders

Placing spread orders-
Go to ORDERS AND TRADES and select SPREAD ORDER ENTRY or use the CTRL+SHIFT+F1 key. Select the contracts, exchange segment, spread difference, product type and validity and SUBMIT


Two-leg (2L) Orders-

Place trades for two FO/CDS/Commodities contracts at the same time. Enter values in the price field and SUBMIT.
2L orders can be placed only as an IOC (Immediate or cancel) order

Placing 2L orders-
Go to “ORDERS AND TRADES” and select “SPREAD ORDER ENTRY” or use the CTRL+SHIFT+F1 key. Under ORDER TYPE, select 2L using the drop- down


Three-Leg (3L) Orders-

Place orders for THREE FO CONTRACTS at the same time. Price value of the contracts should be entered in the price field
3L orders can also be placed only as an IOC (Immediate or cancel) order

Placing 3L orders-
Go to ORDERS AND TRADES and select SPREAD ORDER ENTRY or use the CTRL+SHIFT+F1 key. Under ORDER TYPE, select 3L using the drop- down


Net Positions-

Displays positions of all the clients mapped and orders placed by the respective user. To view net positions, go to Orders and Trades – Net Positions or use the Alt + F6 key.
Customise the display by using the filter option by pressing on **Ctrl + F*8 on the Position List window. Filter the display based on:
• Segment
• Trading Symbols
• Products
• Account IDs (under that Dealer ID)
• Features of Net positions include
• Automatic update of dealer positions
• Computation of Real time mark to market loss value which is then displayed in the status bar

You can also square off client positions based on the following criteria:
• Long positions (positive net position)
• Short position (negative net position)
• All positions
• Partial Square off- To execute, specify the % of net positions to be squared off in the ‘Qty (%)’ field