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Referral Schemes

Create an Account

Fill and submit the form below to create an account. Once created one of our team members will get in touch with you to guide you through the process

Refer your friends

Once you create an account a link will be made available for you to submit email and telephone references of your contacts and friends ..

Sign up referrals

Referrals signed up by our team will be credited to your account and a panel made available for credits..

Earn Money

Check our Refer-a-friend math table to keep a track of your earning possibilities .

Refer a Friend and earn more from your account

If you are satisfied with your trading experience with Compositedge you can refer friends, associates, family members and colleagues and also earn in the process. You will receive 10% of the total brokerage generated by your referrals. How is that for an incentive!!!

  • Login to your Compositedge back office account.
  • All clients automatically get an "Associate status"
  • Click on “Associate status” and then on "Refer a client"
  • Send out an invitation to your contacts by email and also track the status of the referral
  • You can also view the revenue generated from your referrals and in case the referred client is a high frequency trader, the revenues can be substantial.


Invite as many acquaintances as you can and watch your earnings grow from the referral bonus! The offer is valid for a limited period only, so start your invites now!

Enter your referral here or send us an email with a list of your referrals.

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  • New referred client opens an account.
  • New referred client executes one paid trade in the new account.
  • Introducer column in main KYC form has no relation to the 'Referral Scheme'. You would need to give the details of the referees in the KYC form or in Compositedge Back Office account to participate in the above scheme. 
  • Referrer must operate in good faith.
  • Program can be terminated or altered at any time without notice.
  • TDS would be deducted on the referral commission.
  • Withdrawal of referral commission can be made in multiples of Rs.1000/-.
  • Referred can not already be a Composite Investments account holder.
  • Employees of Composite Investments and companies affiliated with Composite Investments, and those ineligible by law, are ineligible for Reward.
  • Compositedge reserves the right to disqualify any user from the Program at any time, for any reason.