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  • Trade with your Compositedge account.


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TradingView is an industry-leading charting platform and vibrant community with 50M+ traders joining so far. With a Compositedge account, you can execute orders directly from the cutting-edge UI and use other features within the platform.



Best-in-class charting 

12+ Interactive chart types 

50+ Smart drawing tools

100+ Technical indicators

12 alert notification types

8 screens per tab

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Smart Features

Tools for every trading style


100+ fundamental ratios

Market screeners and heatmaps

Proprietary programming language

In-built strategy tester

Dynamic community of traders

How to connect

  • Watch our simple How-to guide on connecting your Compositedge account with the TradingView platform.
  • Create Compositedge trading and demat account mapped under our Trader Evolution software.
  • Visit the Compositedge broker profile on TradingView or find the broker icon on the trading panel on charts.
  • Sign up or log in to the TradingView account and connect using your Compositedge credentials.
  • Link to the TradingView Video Tutorial

How-to video

TradingView apps across devices



Enhance your experience with additional features of the powerful desktop terminal or seamlessly trade on the go in the mobile app.

All your questions. Answered.

TradingView is the world’s leading technical analysis website which provides tools and a platform to connect traders, investors, educators, and market enthusiasts across nearly all markets. It provides advanced real time charting features and Instagram-like features to share trading ideas and strategies.

Yes, Tradingview is free to access. You can use up to 3 indicators without any charges. To access all the features on TradingView, you can subscribe to any of the available paid offerings.
Click to view plans; https://in.tradingview.com/gopro/

No, TradingView is a technical analysis & community platform for traders. It provides integration with brokers to allow you to place trades from directly from your TradingView account.
As Compositedge is an empaneled broker, you can open an account with Compositedge to use TradingView.
Click to open account; https://accounts.compositedge.com/dcob/#/login?source=B&id=TradingView

  • Please ensure you have an active trading and demat account with Compositedge.
  • Your trading account would have to be mapped under our trading software Trader Evolution.
  • Ensure you are logged into the TradingView application and choose the Compositedge logo to proceed.

Process to Login:

  • Sign-in to TradingView using your email or username.
  • Once logged in to TradingView, click on the “Trading Panel” at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on “See all Brokers”.
  • Under the Compositedge logo, click ‘Connect’ and ‘Continue’.
  • You would be redirected to the Compositedge login page where you can login using your Compositedge credentials.
  • You can now view your available balance and any open position and can place orders.

You can trade on the NSE Equity / BSE Equity and NSE Equity Future segments.

Login to your Trader Evolution account and click on the back-office link to transfer funds using the “Pay-in” link on the back-office portal.