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Intelligent API Bridge

Highlights and specific points pertaining to the Intelligent API Bridge


The Intelligent API Bridge is not like other passive bridges that you find in the market. It comes with inbuilt artificial intelligence.

It’s an advanced bridging application that not just supports system based trading, but even supports manual chart traders to enjoy all benefits of algo trading.

It offers users to experience forward testing with India’s first live trade simulator available exclusively with the Intelligent API Bridge.

You can manage your bridge on the go with our state of the art Telegram Bot.

Our bridge supports all PMS service providers for necessary compliances before execution through the telegram bot, it’s the most demanded or loved feature by advisories.

Manage multiple clients and place orders with just one click.

You can trade directly through Trading-View charts for your Algo Trading or Manual Trading.

The Intelligent API Bridge comes with an inbuilt web server and supports multiple platforms for trading.

The only bridge in the market to guarantee 100% trade signal security, unlike web based API systems where data is compromised, no bridge will ever guarantee you this, but the Intelligent API Bridge does.

Share your signals remotely, the first-in-class feature ever provided to the Indian market, now share your signals and keep your strategies discreet.

Highlighted Features:

The Intelligent API Bridge offers a seamless trading experience for traders.
Our features listed are as below: 

  • First-In-Class trade authentication bot for PMS / advisory runners, deals with compliance smartly
  • Supports MULTI-USERS with the XTS API that is available with Composite Edge
  • The bridge handles multiple orders in a synchronous manner
  • First-In-Category to offer features like remote share. Now share your signal in a discreet way with the necessary compliances
  • Experience the power of a live trade simulator with the Intelligent API Bridge, the first of its kind available for Indian retail users
  • Easy and simple configuration. One click trading platform integrations, no more complexities
  • Seamless trading experience from Trading-View with the Intelligent API Bridge
  • The first bridge to support manual chart traders
  • One click position conversion for positional traders, convert from MIS to NRML or vice versa with one click for multiple accounts and stock, no other platform supports this so easily
  • Change the way you trade manually using our Quick-Trade-Panel and experience trade management like target and stop-loss management with our bridge
  • The only bridge to offer a 100% trade signal security which lacks in other bridges, especially in the case of web based API bridges. So the next time you opt for a web-based solution, think again, your details are about to go nude on their servers
  • The Intelligent API bridge handles your orders, quickly, smartly and efficiently
  • Ever wondered if your Cover Orders had a Target facility too, sounds unnatural, how can a CO do that, explore the Intelligent API Bridge and we shout loud “Yes!” we can do that for you
  • No counter orders for Target and Stop-Loss as they are managed internally and are fired when they are supposed to. Enjoy enhanced margins while working with the Intelligent API Bridge
  • Share your trade signals discreetly with our remote share facility
  • Manage your bridge on the go with our advanced Telegram Bot, and manage it straight from your telegram application

We offer a fully functional 12-day trial exclusively for Compositedge clients. Trading couldn’t get better!