Visual monitoring of your day trading activities in real-time

Our trading platform assists traders visually manage their account performance and trading stats

If you’re a retail trader in the Indian Financial Markets relying on third party software’s to monitor the real-time performance of your day trading activity, you would generally need to plug in your trading platform to a third party software to gauge the performance of your trades and to generate reports.
For the first time in India, the Protrader platform offered by Compositedge to retail investors in the Indian equity markets visually delivers all trade related information in real-time, allowing traders to view all their trading stats and drawdowns at the click of a button. Retail investors can now access a number of trade related parameters and export reports seamlessly to HTML, thereby leading to a massive decline in cost overhangs.

Source: Compositedge- Protrader platform

Following are some of the key features of the Protrader account performance panel which makes it an extremely useful trade management tool for retail traders

  • Plots trade population stats, P/L charts and drawdowns.
  • View your P/L in totality or analyse them individually from the operational side (Buy/ Sell).
  • Explicit details of your trading stats.
  • View variations in your account balance from the cumulative P/L chart.
  • Include fees and other charges to derive Net P/L for a defined time frame.
  • Plot time based P/L charts.
  • Populate trades based on trading symbols or winning/losing trades.
  • Monitor win/loss size, average P/L per trade and their absolute value.
  • Analyse the largest single profit or the longest series of wins/losses for a particular period.
  • Pie-chart illustration of completed trades for individual scrips and values as a % of total trades.
  • Maximum, absolute and average drawdowns.

Source: Compositedge- Protrader platform

In addition, the panel displays all account related info such as balances, available funds, margins, alerts, positions, trading status and a whole bunch of account related data.

The Protrader platform for retail traders and investors also includes a extensive range of trading tools like manual scalping, real-time charts with historical data, matrix, time and sales, options and a state of the art “Algo trading platform.” Launched by Compositedge, a leading discount broker in India, the platform is currently offered FREE of cost to all clients and is also open for individuals in the paper trading mode.

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Compositedge, incorporated in 1995, is a leading discount broker and provider of algo trading solutions for retail customers in India. Headquartered in Bangalore, we provide the internationally acclaimed Protrader platform which comprises of charts, scalper, matrix, grid, time & sales, market-depth and options master in addition to the state of the art algo trading platform. We combine discount broking and algo trading solutions to ensure all our retail clients experience the finest trading amenities at affordable costs.