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Algo Trading Training


Algo training.

Subscribe to the Algo training course(Starting on 1st May 2017) & get unlimited brokerage free transactions for July & August 2017.


  1. Explain in-depth professional concepts with foundational content; but at the same time easy to grasp; covering Coding+Technical Analysis+Quantitative  Analysis+Portfolio Modeling

  2. Build strong foundation to start a career/business in algo trading

  3. Algo Trading Course suits audience from all programming backgrounds

  4. It is a short-term duration course(does not require commitment in time)

  5. It provides quality live data with strategy design software

  6. Affordable (does not require financial commitment)

Why Choose Amibroker?

  1. It has world’s fastest portfolio backtesting and optimization engine.

  2. AFL, the scripting language of Amibroker, is an Array Based Language. This makes AFL concise and very efficient.

  3. You can get a large number of AFLs and excellent learning resources free over internet.

  4. It has inbuilt batch processor. You can schedule Amibroker to start automatically, do the analysis, and send email alerts while you are at work.

  5. It has an open ecosystem for developers. Amibroker is easy to integrate with Broker APIs and build Data Plugins.

  6. It is really inexpensive. The free trial of Amibroker is sufficient to learn everything in this course.

Algo Trading Course Schedule & Medium

14 sessions, each one hour long, conducted through GoToTraining software in English. After each live session, you will get lecture recording, code examples, code assignments and query resolution support. This course is an intensive learning experience for two months.

Timing for Indian Participants: Mondays and Fridays, IST 8:00PM-9:00PM

Product Details

  1. Amibroker For Professional Strategy Design and Algo Trading – Foundation Course (APSAT)

  2. Free Paper Trading Setup (with limit orders, market orders and execution strategies)

  3. Amibroker Setup Help; Optional Real-time data subscription for 6 months (either NSE+FO or MCX)

  4. Over 100 AFL code templates and assignment solutions

  5. Two-month query resolution support; Intensive group based learning

  6. Life-time access to professional forum of algo traders

  7. Accredited Certification for undertaking Algo Training


1.For whom is the algo trading course useful?

It is useful for anyone who wants to start a career/business in algo trading.

  • The algo trading course suits students from non-programming background because it uses AFL as the tool for education.

  • At the same time, the course also suits students with strong programming skills in R/C++/Python/Java/Matlab. For students with programming background, professional trading concepts are introduced in AFL, which can be replicated in technology of their choice. For example, real-time handling of trade triggers and API integration is similar in most technologies

2.What are the pre-requisites for taking algo trading course?

None! students should be familiar with basic stock trading terminology, that’s all!

3. What if I miss one or two classes?

Recording for all sessions will be provided. Further, you will have access to a professional forum for discussion with other students/practitioners. Even more: If you are not able to attend even 50% of sessions (either live or through recording), we will give you a free retake in the next batch!

4.What is the Fees? How do I register?

  1. Course Fees: Rs. 23,000 (Including Service tax) | Last Date for Availing Discounts & Enrollment: 25th April, 2017 | Course Starting From: 1st May, 2017 | Course Duration: 7 Weeks.

  2. You will get unlimited brokerage free transactions for the month of July and August 2017. (Zero brokerage).

  3. Please pay the course fees to the below mentioned account

A/C No: 50100020455723 Name: Saurabh Lohiya Bank Name: HDFC Bank IFSC Code: HDFC0000363 Bank Branch: Kirti Nagar, New Delhi

5.Will I learn AFL coding completely after taking this course?

To learn anything completely, any course cannot be sufficient. Our commitment is, to provide you a strong foundation in AFL coding, as well as overall algo trading

6.How do you plan to deliver so much in just 14 hours?

First, the course is not for 14 hours- it includes two month of support. We could have completed the sessions in 2 days. But we spread it over 2-months so that students get ample time to practice. 14-hours of live training is supported with  lots of code samples, assignments and forum interaction.

Anything basic about Amibroker/Technical Analysis/Algo Trading will be supported through forum by a designated Trading Councillor.

7.Do I get a good afl strategy? Tell me about AFL strategies you provide

Yes, you will be given good AFL strategies… but please read this to know what we mean by a “good strategy” :

8. What do you cover for Quantiative Analysis/Python?

We will show you how to integrate Python with Amibroker, perform ADF tests for pair trading, regression analysis and time series detrending.

9. Would we be covering Kalman filters? ARCH/GARCH Models?

We have included how to integrate Amibroker with Python COM Server. Price data will be passed from Amibroker to Python. In Python, you can use statistical libraries like numpy/pandas for ADF and Kalman filter. Then pass calculations back to Amibroker for including these parameters in overall trading strategy. So basically you will be able to harness full power of python.

10. Will you teach me Python/R? Please provide resources for learning Python/R

In this course, we focus on strategy discovery, design and deployment using Amibroker. Given time constraints, we will not discuss Python per se; but rather its practical use by integration with Amibroker.

11.I have zero programming background. What do you suggest for me?

A lot of our students come from a non-programming background. If you do not have a programming background, do not worry, we provide extra support tutorials on programming. You also recieve extra support on basic programming queries.

Further, AFL is an array processing language, similar to Excel formulas. It is easy to learn AFL coding even if you are willing to dedicate one hour daily for programming basics.