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I have a demat account with another depository? Can I link this account to my trading account with Compositedge?

Absolutely, but in case you wish to take delivery of stocks, we insist on opening a demat account with us to facilitate exposures and pay-ins

What are initial margins?

Margins collected upfront at the time of entering into a trade in a futures contract. It is a combination of Span and Exposure margins

What are the different online payment gateways?

You can transfer funds instantly using the online payment facility available on your NOW trading platform or the Accounts Access system from your back office software. You can transfer funds directly from your bank to your trading account with us

What are the contract- note charges at Compositedge?

To cover operational costs involved in processing contract notes, we charge a fee of Rs.10/ contract/ segment

How do I change my B.O. password?

Log-in to your back office and follow the illustration below

Click on Profile & select Change Password.


What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

The minimum payout request should be for Rs. 1000

Is there a cut- off time to initiate pay-out requests?

We do not have a cut- off time for pay- out requests. However, requests placed before 5.00 PM will be processed the same day

Are there alternate options to withdraw funds?

Yes, we have another option to send out pay- out requests. All you have to do is e-mail us at, mention your trading code & the amount you wish to withdraw and we will take care of the rest

How do I check my daily and net P&L?

Login to your back- office software & follow the steps below to view your daily and net P&L