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How many securities or contracts can be viewed on the Market watch screen?

The maximum securities or contracts that can be set on your Market Watch screen is 55. If users have reached the limit set, a pop- up message such as Subscription failed will throw up and real- time price updates for the additional scrips will also not be available
Users are advised to maintain limited number of securities or contracts on their Marketwatch.
As an alternative, you can create multiple Marketwatch screens

How do I view spot currencies quotes from Reuters on my NOW terminal?

Go to the scrip bar and select
Exchange: CDS
Instrument name: USDCUR

Unable to view OHLC on my NOW terminal?

Update your JAVA version to receive live- streaming OHCL charts

Does my NOW terminal have historical charts?

Historical charts cannot be found on the NOW terminal. To access historical charts, login to NSEs technical analysis software TAME

How do I access TAME?

TAME can be accessed from your NOW trading platform
To view the browser, go to the Market menu on your NOW terminal, click on Weblinks, followed by NSETAME OR check out from the link HERE