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Time and Sales

Time and Sales


Time &Sales panel lists buy/ sell operations related to a particular trading instrument.

To open the Time & Sales panel, select

Terminal – Time &Sales OR Click on the icon in the toolbar ribbon

The ‘Time & Sales’ panel chronologically lists all trades for a symbol in real time. All information related to a symbol starts
streaming upon opening the panel.



Right clicking within the Time & Sales panel evokes its context menu with the following options-

  • Clear table – Deletes all quotes and trades from the panel.
  • Show quotes – If checked, the ‘Time and Sales’ panel shows trades together with quotes.
  • Aggregation – If checked, all trades with the same price, side and size are shown.
  • Show scrollbar – shows/hides the scrollbar in the panel.



Time & Sales settings

Time format – the time of the trade, can be displayed in two modes depending on the time format set in the settings: hh:mm:ss
or hh:mm:ss:ms.

Show size in – allows selecting in what form the volume will be shown. General defaults – is taken from general settings; Lots – will
be displayed in lots; Real size - will be displayed in real value.

Round precision – if checked, user can set the precision of the volume display.

Autosize – allows showing T&S table in auto size mode.