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Trading platforms

Trading platforms are the backbone for every investor and trader alike and are measured not only by the user- friendly tools in place, but also in terms of support and opportunities to interface with third party software, thereby assisting you in making informed trading decisions

We, at Compositedge offer multiple trading platforms; from beginners to experts and for traditional to technology driven algo traders

We have listed our trading platforms along with their features, so that you make the right choice in selecting the one that is really apt for you


An excellent offering from NSE, you can choose from the multiple trading platforms described below, irrespective of whether you're a full time trader placing bets from your home/ office on constantly on the move


Download the desktop version from the link provided HERE

NSE NOW- Web application-

The web version is simple and easy to use o the browser of your choice. Click HERE to get started

NSE Mobile application-

NSE Mobile trading is a revolutionary application, featuring a comprehensive trading and market monitoring platform. Receive real time streaming quotes, with simple and user friendly interface for all type of users, all at your fingertips.
Click HERE to download your NSE mobile app

Omnesys Nest-

Omnesys NEST is an innovative solution from Omnesys and its partners that allows an investor to use a bouquet of investment services, trading advice, news or any other services of their choice, delivered right inside the trading platform
The Tools of the Trade offerings on NEST are integrated seamlessly with the NEST Trader, while the terminal itself allows a person to access several services from various sources within a single interface

- Vantage Trade- Independent advisory service
- Dow Jones News- Real time business news
- Nest Premium- Advanced Charting tools
- Nest Pulse- A technical analysis tool to write, back-test and execute trading strategies
- Market Monitor- Real time commentary on stocks
- Market Scanner- A powerful scanner to shortlist the most active stocks in the market

Symphony Presto ATS-

Symphony Presto ATS is a comprehensive platform to design, test, deploy, execute and monitor fully automated trading or execution algos using asset classes on the Indian Exchanges. Presto provides a framework to deploy algos along with Real- time Market Data and Direct Market Access (DMA)
The platform operates in three modes
- Live Trading
- Paper Trading
- Back Testing

- Customizable Platform
- Run hundreds of algos developed with Presto Studio
- Interact with multiple markets and data vendors simultaneously
- Transparent APIs (Application Program Interfaces) / Presto Studio to develop own Algo Strategies
- Inbuilt RMS enabled for Exchange/SEBI compliance
- FIX enabled
- Approved by Multiple Exchanges
- Excel/Trade-Station /Amibroker connectivity
- Direct market access provided for NSE/BSE/MCX