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Creating Watch-list

The Watchlist or Marketwatch panel displays real-time data.
To open the Watchlist panel, Go to Terminal > Watchlist OR click on this icon in the toolbar ribbon


Creating symbol list-

In order to add symbols to the Watchlist, choose any of the following options

  • Click on the symbol in the top left corner of the watchlist panel
  • Use the CTRL+1 keys
  • Right- click anywhere in the watchlist panel

To add a scrip to the watchlist panel, select the scrip and double click on the symbol.
After all the scrips are added to the watchlist panel, hit the SAVE button to save the columns and the scrips in the watchlist panel.
To view all info related to a particular symbol, click on this icon located in the toolbar menu OR Go to Terminal > Symbol info


Adding multiple scrips to the watchlist-

You can add multiple scrips to the watchlist panel at the same time by following the steps below

  • Select the first scrip by clicking on it.
  • Use the control keys and select symbols of the other scrips you wish to add to the watchlist panel.
  • Click on the ADD button to include the selected scrips to the watchlist panel.
  • After all the scrips are added to the watchlist, hit the SAVE button.


Customizing Watchlist-

To customise WATCHLIST SETTINGS, right- click within the watchlist panel to evoke the context menu.
Select the SETTINGS option to customize. Watchlist settings permits users to

  • Define column parameters
  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • Edit symbol list: Add new symbols, load all symbols at once, remove symbol(s) and clear all symbols at once
  • Clone the Watchlist panel/ open additional panels
  • Include notes in the comments column



Key customization options-

Following are some of the important customization tools and shortcut keys that can be used to customise the watchlist panel


1) Filter Manager (Shift+F)-

You can use the filter manager to

  • Auto resize columns in the watchlist
  • Auto-sort scrips- Move scrips up and down with the help of the mouse.
  • Add grids


2) Margin analyser-

The primary purpose of this panel is to predict changes in margin requirements and its impact on the user’s account when opening new positions.
To open the panel, select 'Account - Margin analyzer' OR right click within the watchlist panel and select ‘New- Margin analyzer.’

You can adjust the visibility of columns through the Context menu. Right-click on the column headers and
select columns to be displayed in the panel.

You can also adjust visibility of columns and rows through 'Margin analyzer - Settings' which is available
in the same Context menu.

Right-click on the panel header - Select 'Settings' from the Context menu - go to the tabs 'Columns' and 'Rows'
to view the full set of columns and rows.


3) Market depth-

To open the market depth panel, go to
Terminal---- Market depth OR right- click within the watchlist panel and select NEW- market depth

The market depth panel has a number of features in addition to the best bids and asks. To customize market depth panel, right- click within the panel and select ‘Settings.’ Choose from the list to add/ delete features.




4) Export Watchlist-

You can export scrips from the watchlist panel to multiple locations such as Excel, PDF, HTML etc. All you have to do is
right- click within the watchlist panel- Select EXPORT and choose the program where you want the file to be exported.

To view LIVE DATA on an excel spreadsheet, go to Export- To Excel

Select the column description, tick ‘Synchronize’ and EXPORT.



Placing trades from the Watchlist panel-

Trading from the Watchlist panel is extremely simple. All you have to do is

  • Double click the scrip in the watchlist to open the “Order placement window”
  • Highlight the trade side (buy/ sell)
  • Select the quantity
  • Choose the order and product type
  • Place stops/ target price (optional)

Once all the parameters are selected, click on PLACE ORDER…..


Note: For quick execution of orders, set the default trading parameters in ‘General Settings.’