Wealth Protector Fund

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Wealth Protector Fund

Investment Objective

Benchmarked with S&P BSE India Corporate Bond Index, the primary objective of the fund is to generate a higher rate of return with less risk. The key focus of this offering is the safety of capital invested, liquidity, and optimal returns.

Fund Overview
Type Open Ended
Suggested Investment Horizon 3 years and above
Minimum Investment INR 50 lakh
Benchmark Nifty Medium to Long Duration Debt Index
Investment Style
  • A portion of the investment is passively managed and the remaining is actively managed depending on market conditions.
  • Additional returns are generated owing to the fund manager’s ability of understanding interest rate cycles.
  • The benefits are derived majorly from the indexation of assets since the holding period is more than 3 years.
Portfolio Construct & Risk Management
  • Investments would be predominantly in GILT Funds, SDL Funds, PSU Bond Funds and PSU InvITs which are relatively safe.