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Why Compositedge?




We are registered with SEBI as a trading member & clients can be assured that you are associated with a highly credible name having a presence of more than two decades in the Indian financial markets


Range of products


Our products & services extend beyond the stock markets. As a client you are not tied down to a single market & can constantly look for opportunities in commodities & currencies too & when they arise.




We are constantly looking to revolutionize & all our clients will be abreast of the latest advances in our products, services and technology. Seminars, webinars and technical training will be a routine once you are associated with us..



Back office support


Our operational expertise in compliance and risk management has led us to offer one of the leading back- office software’s available in the industry. You can now access your financial statements online, 24/7, from the comfort of your home/ office


Superior customer support


Clients can experience our superior customer support. You can reach out to our helpdesk via phone, live chat and e-mails to resolve your queries instantly in addition to receiving prompt support on technical issues you may have.




Our monthly compensation for referrals is valid for a lifetime & is among the best in the industry. Start referring clients & you will see how generous & beneficial our referral package truly is.