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Depository Services

Composite Investments Pvt. Ltd. is a registered Depository Participant (DP) with CDSL. Clients signing up for a DP account with Compositedge can avail of the following services:

  • View/transfer holdings 24/7 through easi/easiest; an online facility by CDSL
  • View list of holdings from the back office software
  • Receive SMS alerts on all debits/credits
  • Receive account statements and bills via email & hard copy
  • Access all statements online
  • Auto Credit of Rights / Bonus / Public Issues / Dividend through ECS
  • Nomination facility
  • Utilize stocks lying in the demat A/c towards margins on F&O trades.






A depository (in simple terms) is an institution holding a pool of pre-verified shares held in electronic mode that offers efficient settlement of transactions. A Depository Participant (DP) is an intermediary between the  investor and the depository.
  • Easy and convenient way to hold securities
  • Immediate transfer of securities
  • No stamp duty on transfer of securities
  • A single demat account can hold investments in both equity and debt instruments.
Converting physical records of investments into electronic records is called "dematerializing" of securities. In order to dematerialize physical securities, investors must fill in a Demat Request Form (DRF), which is available with the DP and submit the same along with physical certificates. Every security has an ISIN (International Securities Identification Number). A separate DRF must be filled for each ISIN
The complete process of dematerialization is outlined below:
  • The investor surrenders the certificates for dematerialization to the DP
  • DP updates the account of the investor.
  • Demat (per certificate ) Rs.2/- + Rs.30/- as courier charge
Account opening charges are free, However Rs.50/- is collected towards stamp charges. AMC is also known as Annual maintenance charges for the Demat account.We charge the same monthly The transaction fee is charged for crediting/debiting securities to and from the account on a monthly basis in the ledger.
To transfer shares, an investor has to fill one of two kinds of Depository Instruction Slip (DIS). The first check made is whether both Demat accounts are at the same depository. There are two depositories: (CDSL (Central Depository Service (India) Limited) and NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited)). If both demat accounts are not at the same depository, then an Inter Depository Slip (Inter DIS) has to be filled and submitted. For example:
  • If there is one Demat account with CDSL and the other Demat account with NSDL, then an Inter-DIS is needed. (In case the investor needs an Inter-DIS, the investor should check with the broker, since brokers usually issue an Inter-DIS).
  • Now that the correct DIS has been determined, information pertaining to the transfer transaction has to be entered: scrip name, INE number, quantity in words and figures.
  • Finally, the investor should submit that DIS to the broker with signatures.
  • The transfer broker shall accept that DIS in duplicate and acknowledge receipt of DIS on duplicate copy.

The investor should submit the DIS when the market is open. Accordingly, date of submission of DIS and date of execution of DIS can be same or a difference of one day is also acceptable. The investor also has to pay the broker some charges for the transfer.

CDSL’s internet based facility easiest (electronic access to securities information and execution of secured transactions) , permits CMs of BOs to submit off-market,on-market, inter-depository and early pay-in debit instructions from their demat account. Moreover, all the facilities and benefits of easi are automatically made available to a subscriber of easiest.
Easiest, not only provides all the benefits of easi, but also gives a BO/CM the convenience of executing debit/credit instructions from their demat account, over the internet, anytime anywhere.
There are two types of account transfers available on easiest:
  • Login to CDSL’s website and click on the link “Register Online” from the homepage.
  • Select the facility (easi/easiest) you wish to register for.
  • Enter your details like Login–Id, Email-Id, etc.
  • Print the registration form.
  • Submit the registration form to your DP duly signed by all the account holders.
  • You will receive the password at your email-Id.
  • You can commence using easi/easiest by entering your ‘User name’ and ‘Password’ at the homepage of CDSL’s site

We provide margin funding only in F&O segment, you need to pledge the stocks with IL&FS who is our clearing member.

For moving stocks in & out charges will be applicable. Charges will be Rs.20/- + 12 per request ( CDSL CHARGE ) for pledge & Rs.20/- + 12 per request ( CDSL CHARGE ) for unpledge.

For moving stocks from your demat account to margin account. Please send a request mail for moving stocks with the details & for unpledge you must send us a mail one day prior you wish to sell stocks.

Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme (RGESS). Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme, 2012 (RGESS) is a new equity tax advantage savings scheme for equity investors in India, with the stated objective of "encouraging the savings of the small investors in the domestic capital markets." Vide notification dated November 23, 2012 the scheme has been notified by the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance(MOF)... It is exclusively for the first time retail investors in securities market.
To know about RGESS
BSDA is Basic services Demat account.To know more about BSDA
Demat closure form which is attached below sign the same & send it to us along with the unused DIS booklet plus self attest PAN Copy ,If you have misplaced DIS booklet kindly sign the misplace form which attached below.