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Your gateway to a secure, prudent and autonomous approach to investing in Mutual Funds.

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A one stop shop for Mutual Fund Investors to achieve their financial goals.

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How-to video

Watch our simple How-to video that will guide you through the process to subscribe to Mutual Funds through Compositedge.

  • Apply without a Compositedge account
  • Choose a desired fund
  • Pay online
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  • Online Mutual Fund platform
  • Suitable for Intermediaries
  • Digital Onboarding
  • Host of financial Tools
  • Robo Advisory
  • Goal based Investments
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Mutual Fund Research


All your questions. Answered.

You need not be a client of Composite to purchase Mutual Funds. Anyone could register on the Composite MF portal and start off.

No, you would have to separately register on the Composite MF portal..

No, as the two are independent of each other, cash balance of the trading account cannot be utilised to buy Mutual Funds.

You would have to preferably use any online option to make payment for the Mutual Fund purchase.

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