Trade with your own trading platform using our REST API





XTS API is a REST based Trading API. Our REST API’s will help you to develop your own trading and investment platform and integrate with our Trading system. Using our REST API you can execute orders in real time, monitor your positions, manage your portfolio and much more. This will give you personalized experience using your own innovative trading features

We Offers two type of APIs


Trading API

Trading APIs allows to integrate your own trading system with our Trading Platform for placing orders, monitor your positions, manage your portfolio and much more

Trading API Docs

Market Data API

Market Data API is a mixed HTTP REST and HTTP streaming API. It provides access to live quotes data on a wide range of symbols.


Market API Docs


Can Fintech Startups connect with XTS API?

YES!! You are welcome!! Come with innovative trading/investment ideas, build your platform and we will provide you APIs to connect with XTS OMS. Many Startups already connected with us and we call them as Fintech Partners!!

Below are some of the Fintech Partners connected with XTS APIs.



  • You can build your own trading interface using our XTS API
  • Without risking your capital, you can test your program placing order in our simulation environment.
  • Fast, Secure and easy to implement
  • Flexible REST API compatible with multiple languages
  • Dedicated developer support